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In 2016 I set up my own company (Hydrophilic) - took courage to me and signed up for "ITSA Launch & Pitch Day" for the purpose of winning NOK 500,000. I prepared well and was eventually selected among the lucky ones who were allowed to attend the "The Full ITSA Program". So I, engineer Trond Rolfsvåg 53 years, ended up on the school bench to learn to "pitch". I had to be able to say what was important to the listener - quickly and efficiently. It was quite different from what I initially thought was important. Over and over again. Still, it was a very enjoyable journey because of my interesting co-founders and energetic trainers. People gave of themselves and we helped each other. Good atmosphere. I got supervisors from the top shelf: Martin Sigmundstad and Terje Handeland. They opened various important doors for me. Investor Einar Bekkevold had steel belief in the Hydrophilic technology from the start and gave me help and pushed me forward. I never won the $ 500,000 - I wasn't even close. I won a lot more. Hydrophilic now has good support from the industry and I am my own boss for the first time in life. When I think back, I feel deep gratitude to the people who are Valide. Thank you!
Trond Rolfsvåg, CEO Hydrophilic

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