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Our premium ITSA partners

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Network & community partners

ITSA has a large range of partners connected to the program. Partners represent diverse experience

in early stage business development, early stage growth and investment. The partners contribute as network, deliver lectures & workshops and give vital feedback to the ITSA companies and

they are happy to connect!

ITSA also has a broad Network of community partners that give lectures & workshops,

and share their knowlege, network & expertice with the ITSA companies.

- This is a few of them:

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As an investor based in the early phase fund Alliance Venture in Oslo, I have had the pleasure of being a partner with ITSA ever since November 2015! It must have been one of the first programs at all. Alliance and my mission have always been to contribute as a mentor to the companies, a critical and constructive audience to the pitches, hold presentations about our experiences as investors and, not least, participate in the jury. There have been 4 programs so far and after a GOOD start, the program has only gotten better! In addition, both Alliance and myself have made investments with Valide / ITSA as a direct and indirect consequence of the programs. Good! - Right? ”

Bjørn Christensen, Partner at Alliance Venture

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