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ITSA Growth & ITSA Start


Being an entrepreneur is about making an idea and a new solution to a known problem. It is often underestimated how lonely it can be in a startup phase. I thought I was the only one who felt this, but by joining ITSA I learned that most startups know this. That's what I learned during the breaks. The program was intense over the 12 weeks. In a good way. We got to built networks, learned relevant topics important to building a professional business. We built a team. The honest feedback from the audience that consisted of other participants who were startups, mentors and potential future investors made us learn new things from week to week. For me and "Fra Offer til kriger" this meant the start of growth, at the same time as we got a good network. The course holders managed to get everyone to cheer each other out and there was no "jantelov". On the contrary: After ITSA I know we are someone!


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